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   I translate your feeling and your story into a picture. My name is Luyen Doury. I am a wedding photographer. I can also work on newborn photography and family portrait. I love natural photos and lifestyle's. Concerning my hobbies, I love travel and street photography.

   As a devotet artist, I think the vision we give to our children of our present world is really important. What I love in art is the possibility of interpretation that we grant to the work we look at. This gives a great significance to the work it makes it something more than a simple picture on a simple piece of paper.

​   I love life and everything it offers us. I love  originality, rock, crazy. There is always a way to express who we are, even in the most common ways of doing. I love discovering people and discovering different ways of living and thinking. Our world is a rich and not only because of its money.

   Here is how I discribe myself. To know more about me and how I can you, I invite you to contact me so we can talk.